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We offer video consultations if you can’t make a face-to-face appointment:


We are now providing video consultations (telehealth) to help you get through this difficult time of lockdown. You are probably not moving as much as you are used to, and working from home can be a challenge. We are here to help, even if we cannot do hands-on treatments.

As allied health professionals we can help take some of the burden off the NHS by helping where we can. Our duty is also to you and there is a lot we can do for you or your child, or baby remotely.

During the video consultation your osteopath will take your history and ask about your symptoms. They will ask you to do some gentle movements to assess your level of pain and with their guidance get you to explore where you may feel restricted to move.

If it is appropriate, the osteopath will discuss a self-management plan that may include some changes to your working environment at home, exercises, or even some breathing exercises or meditations.

What to expect…
Download our Preparing For Telehealth PDF to help you get ready for your online appointment by clicking here

Appointment Information

Telehealth video consultation
45-60 minutes £75

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