Maria Larrain

MSc, BOst, DPO, PgC ACE (clin.ed.) Osteopath

Maria Larrain

MSc, BOst, DPO, PgC ACE (clin.ed.) Osteopath

Maria Larrain graduated in 2009 and is the Clinical Director at Butterfield Osteopathy. She is strongly committed to the welfare of parents and their newborns and is currently undertaking her doctoral research at UCL exploring the maternal experience of infant feeding and tongue-tie.

Maria is a qualified Paediatric Osteopath from the Osteopathic Centre for Children. She has a particular interest in biodynamic cranial osteopathy and the use of Shockwave Therapy.

Maria treats people of all ages, but with special interest in the osteopathic care of babies, children and women who have pain and issues related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Maria incorporates mindfulness, pilates-based exercises and breath work when helping people along their healing journeys.

What our patients say

I love the calm, open and gentle approach of Maria and I know, whenever I come in agony I will leave just fine - what great skills she has! I can only recommend seeing her.

Thank you so much, Maria, for always managing to sort out my various ailments! Amazing help over the years, thank you so much.


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