The term “Mum MOT” has been widely used in the marketing of postpartum care. This likens a woman’s postpartum journey to that of a machine. This not only dehumanises the experience. It also perpetuates the unrealistic expectation that women should effortlessly “bounce back” after childbirth. This misconception stems from the early days of obstetrics where women were viewed as passive vessels, treating their bodies as machines in need of fixing.

At Butterfield Osteopathy, we advocate for a holistic perspective that recognises new parents and their babies as complex, interconnected beings. We acknowledge that the postpartum journey can be challenging, often diverging from expectations. This can often lead to discomfort, and a sense of disconnection in both mind and body. This can significantly impact the crucial process of establishing your infant feeding journey.

The initial weeks of a baby’s life, often referred to as the “fourth trimester,” pose unique challenges for both you and your baby. Our primary objective at Butterfield is to facilitate a smooth transition for both of you, fostering a renewed sense of embodied unity. While “Mum MOT” might be a marketing term, our approach transcends this commercial label.

We celebrate your strength and resilience deserving of comprehensive support for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being during this pivotal stage of life. Our holistic and integrated postnatal care extends beyond the individual. We recognise the importance of supporting both parents in their journey into parenthood. Partners are warmly welcomed to attend appointments. They often find this a relaxing and reassuring experience too. We also like to have a spare set of hands to hold baby while the mum receives her treatment.

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a joyous occasion, yet it is also a time for healing. Our osteopaths, trained in paediatric osteopathy and obstetric care at the renowned Osteopathic Centre for Children, specialise in gentle osteopathic touch, including cranial osteopathy. At Butterfield Osteopathy, our mission is to help you and your baby feel like a united front. We ensure you can embrace the challenges and beauty of parenthood, and that you are well-informed and supported with what lies ahead.

Leave the concept of “Mum MOT” in the past and embrace a compassionate, holistic approach to postnatal care with us.

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