Butterfield Osteopathy, having been recognised as 2022’s ‘Best Family Osteopathic Clinic’ London, serves its local community and further afield with expert osteopathic solutions. Looking after the bodies of infants, parents, athletes, as well as anyone who needs an experienced holistic approach to improve their mental or physical health, it has become a cornerstone of care and support. The clinic’s experienced and friendly team are proud to serve, advise, and guide their patients towards better health and wellbeing, showing its patients how to receive help for their ailments and gently guide them towards being able to better take care of themselves.

A multi-award-winning practice, Butterfield Osteopathy was founded in 2010 by Maria Larrain. Maria, an experienced hands-on osteopath and practitioner with a passionate commitment to her patients’ health and wellbeing, established the perfect home for her practice in an old, refurbished Victorian shop in Stoke Newington, Hackney, as part of the Council’s plans for the regeneration of the local area – which Butterfield Osteopathy has proudly helped to restore and bring back to life. This unique setting provides an oasis of calm and tranquillity in London, and the perfect setting to deliver first-class osteopathic treatment.

With a strong emphasis on family osteopathy, paediatrics, and infant health, Butterfield Osteopathy always goes the extra mile to support the physical and mental health of its clients, and as a result has made itself a cornerstone of Stoke Newington. Its team focuses on treating people of all ages and from all walks of life – from older adults and young professionals, to children and infants – by helping them regain their confidence, manage pain, discomfort, and joint troubles, always delivering expert, professional care in a safe, welcoming environment.

In addition to its core osteopathic services, Butterfield Osteopathy’s sports injury treatments have become renowned and respected within the athletic community, and the practice has recently introduced extracorporeal shockwave treatment, an effective noninvasive way to treat chronic tendinopathies.

Treating patients within the local community of London, as well as those who travel from across the UK and abroad, Butterfield Osteopathy’s team of osteopaths take a gentle, hands-on holistic approach to restoring the health and wellbeing of their patients.

Its well-trained, empathic, and inclusive professionals are proud to welcome people from the LGBTQIA+ community and Haredi community through its doors with no judgement and an open heart.

To better reflect the changing realities of providing the best customer care post-pandemic, the practice has also recently upgraded and updated its booking systems to enable patients to more quickly and easily make an appointment or book a treatment.

As restrictions continue to lift, Butterfield Osteopathy is now also able to slowly begin to resume its popular workshops in order to create a ‘parent and baby’ support group for local families.

In addition to running Butterfield Osteopathy and being a handson osteopath who treats patients daily, Maria is committed to continuing her own training, education and research projects, and is currently in the midst of her doctoral research at UCL examining infant tongue-tie.