Life is now opening up and many people are rebooking clinical appointments to tackle pain or tension developed during lockdown. With so much time at home and limited access to pools, gyms and exercise studios we began to discuss ways for patients to develop self-care between osteopathic appointments. Yoga leapt out as one of the best, all-round, therapeutic and strengthening practices.

But why and is it really for everyone? Yoga in recent times has developed a narrow, almost elitist, status as a practice for the young and supple. The truth lies much further from the Instagram driven narrative. Yoga as a physical practice has many iterations from the slow and restorative Yin yoga to the more disciplined and challenging practices of Ashtanga and Bikram. Modern studio yoga is often a fusion of styles set out in levels from beginners to level one and two with three being the most experienced. Many classes now have a focus on mindfulness and breath work in conjunction with the physical shapes, working to lower the body’s fight or flight response

Newcomers to yoga often misunderstand the nature of the practice and believe themselves to be too stiff, too old, uncoordinated, the list is endless. Ironic, because the practice itself improves or relieves many of these conditions, even ageing. There is a beautiful yogic saying “practice and all is coming” and it simply means all you have to do is show up, do your best, and reap the benefits. Students don’t need to worry about their ability, age, their range of motion or clothes. An experienced yoga teacher will always create and guide a practice that helps to support the body exactly how they find it. In time the body responds, and the practice will grow and change.

Working 1-2-1 with an experienced yoga teacher between osteopathic appointments is a sure way to aid recovery, build strength and relieve tension. At Butterfield Osteopathy we work directly with a select number of experienced yoga teachers. On request we are more than happy to recommend a teacher and communicate your clinical needs, allowing them to design a complimentary and unique yoga schedule for recovery.
Private yoga sessions are delivered in the client’s home, or outdoors and there is no need to have any special equipment or clothing. Speak to your osteopath at the next appointment and we will match you with a suitable teacher.


My name is Claire Quinn and I’m a 200+hr Yoga Alliance qualified & insured yoga teacher. I teach Vinyasa Flow yoga but I blend a range of energy techniques ( tapping, mudras, breath work), mindfulness, and healing modalities ( flower essences & essential oils) into my work. I aim to give people an embodied, rejuvenating, and grounding practice that helps them offset tension and stress.

I run two community classes each week at the Boilerhouse Community Centre in Stoke Newington, N16. Sunday 11-12 am: Weds 6-7 pm. These are all levels classes and I especially welcome beginners or those new to yoga.

I also teach privately, in small groups or at businesses as part of their wellness offering.