Establishing Tummy Time routines to enhance your baby’s development.

TUMMY TIME is an important activity for your baby’s development and is endorsed by the American Academy of
Pediatrics (AAP). Because the AAP recommends that babies sleep on their backs for safety reasons, babies need enough
supervised Tummy Time during the hours they are awake to strengthen head, neck, and upper body muscles. Tummy
Time helps to build the strength and coordination needed for rolling over, crawling, reaching, and playing. Remember
that all babies benefit from Tummy Time, including newborns.
Pediatric occupational therapy practitioners promote a child’s development through activities such as Tummy Time, and
they can help make Tummy Time a regular part of your daily routine. The following tips are from occupational therapy
practitioners working with babies on Tummy Time.


• Consult with your health care provider first.
• Make sure your baby is alert and awake.
• Always supervise your baby.
• Place your baby on a safe and firm surface.